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Project Management Courses

Project Management Courses
The perfect blend of planning, executing, monitoring and controlling can aid in completion of a project on time, in budget and bring in excellence. An efficacious project manager is the one who can view in mind’s eye the entire project from its inception to finale and have an expertise to accomplish this vision.
project management certification

project management

Effective project management always rests on project manager’s aptitude to:

- determine the milestones

- design the plan to achieve the goal

- remain versed of the teams pace towards attainment of the goal

Thus, the project manager ought to:

a) Be prompt and pliant – Being bullheaded and bureaucratic, can work against the department. Hence, promptness should be used for soaring affairs.

b) Foster communication – Positive relationship and open communication is the key note to project management success. A good project manager will employ the entire team; encourage co-operation and voicing of opinion to arrive at best feasible solutions.

c) Be a leader not a “control freak” – Exerting oneself to take the driver’s seat in every facet of the process and being unduly analytical, may instigate the team members to feel that their lead does not trust them and value their inputs. This may be a major drawback to the project’s success. A project manager should always allow them to discharge their duties with minimal intervention. It is better not to micromanage or needlessly tangle in team member’s work.

d) Open minded planning – The agenda should be elaborated, methodized and integrate team participation. There should be planning and re-planning, catering to the changing circumstances.

e) Work as if in an aura of urgency – Given boundless time, money and resources, working should have been so great but since projects are time bound and resources restrained, therefore, it is an imperative necessity that project process is constantly steered towards its wrap-up.

f) Analyze and Adopt appropriate tools – Way advanced software and web- based project management applications should be employed to streamline channels to avoid replication of endeavors.

g) Perceive and execute deliverables bit by bit – As the adage goes “Rome was not built in a day”; one cannot plunge in with the thought of building project deliverables in a single attempt.

h) Never overlook the Big 3 i.e., Time, Cost and Quality – However, the practices be flexible and open, the bottom line is that the success of a project occurs only when it is handed over on time, is cost effective and has client appeasing deliverables. The project manager should ensure that his entire team abides by this Big 3.

i) Improve project management practices by continuous research and training – evolving technology requires brush up and dynamic knowledge of industry best practice.

An all embracing progress in knowledge and skills are highly crucial for project management success. For the same, professional project management training, relevant to work, will add larger value to organization as well as a boost to the profile.

Hence, it is indispensable to look for project management trainings, leading to project management certifications such as PMP®/PRINCE2®, through accredited and authorized institutions. While hunting for project training options, consider the project management certification trainings offered by Registered Education Provider of PMI.

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Huawei Datacom Certification

LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the newest data transmission technology that is becoming immensely popular today due to several benefits that it offers. It provides high peak data rates, high spectral efficiency, frequency flexibility and short round trip time. It is a 4G networking technology which ensures that permanence of competitiveness of 3G network systems in future.


It is an incredible technology that provides much higher data rates and astonishing quality of service over a packet switched optimized system. LTE is a networking technology that is based on Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) which makes it possible to reach higher data volumes and data rates. Not only this, but LTE also provides very high order modulation of up to 64 QAM, MIMO transmission in the downlink and large bandwidth of 20 MHz. Since LTE provides such higher data rates & spectral efficiency, and also implements an architecture which is flexible to access, LTE is gaining huge popularity among the network operators and the customers. Thus as we are moving into this newer wireless broadband technology, it becomes quite essential for technology professionals working in the telecom & networking field to understand the fundamentals and unique nature of this technology.


Therefore, LTE Training and Huawei Datacom Certification becomes essential for proper implementation, usage andtroubleshooting of this technology. LTE Training presents a perfect blend of evolving market drifts, new information and future goals etc. like the vision of a throughput of 1 Gb/sec with advanced LTE.


We have been providing world class LTE training for experienced and inexperienced aspirants. We provide LTE Training with the goal of making intricate technology fundamentals as simplified as possible so that learners can easily understand these. The LTE training that we offer provides a profound understanding of SAE/ LTE signaling networks, protocols and architectures to the learners. On the completion of this training course, the learners would become well versed with E-UTRAN, evolved 3GPP architecture and LTE air interface. There are several LTE training programs which focus on different aspects of LTE and differ in duration on the basis of that.


Learners can choose from LTE RAN signaling training, LTE RF Planning Training which covers RF planning, designing and optimization, LTE security training which covers security aspects of LTE and LTE advanced, LTE self optimizing and self organizing networks training etc.


All these courses are in great demand today and after pursuing these courses the professionals and fresher both can experience amazing career growth. Since most of the organizations depend heavily on internetworks for their efficient functioning, there is no death of jobs for efficient and knowledgeable networking professionals. Thus, it is the right time to indulge yourself in LTE Training and acquire highly reputable and high salaried networking job opportunities.

Please more information visit our website - http://www.cognitel.com/e-learning/huawei-datacom-certification.html

Huawei Datacom Certification